What we do

The fundamental aims of Rainbow House are:

  • To enhance the education, health and physical well-being of our service-users
  • To maximise potential to enjoy the best quality of life possible
  • To increase independence and reduce the level of additional care needed
  • To empower our service users and their parents, families and carers

Success Story

When Hannah first started attending Conductive Education at Rainbow House she could only drag herself across the floor to get around…NOW she can sit, crawl, walk independently, use signs and pictures to communicate

Hannah’s Mum

Service User Parent

Our core service provision at Rainbow House is Conductive Education (CE). This is a complex program for children, young people and adults with neurological conditions involving rehabilitation, education and fun!

Essentially CE teaches skills to empower people with disabilities to lead a more active and independent life. The aim is to help each individual achieve his or her full potential.

We encourage service-users to experience what others experience – to reach beyond their expectations (and what others expect of them) – motivate them to achieve more and give them the determination, belief and opportunity to advance physically, socially and cognitively. We believe that a disabled person’s desire to achieve can be what stands between a life of independence and one of dependency.

Additional Provisions


We provide a Physiotherapy service alongside Conductive Education. All professionals’ work together as a multi-disciplinary team, combining their skills and expertise to ensure individuals have maximum benefit in order to reach their potential. All specialist staff liaise with external health and education professionals.

Parent Support

Parent Support is an area that we are in the process of developing at Rainbow House. We currently have a Parent Support Worker who communicates with parents and carers, offering support, advice and guidance. Additionally, a program of holistic services including Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Head Massage is offered for parents/ carers to improve their general health and well-being.

Specialist Early Years Service

Short Breaks

We provide residential Short Breaks and holiday fun clubs, to children and young people up to the age of 18 with disabilities and additional needs. Provisions involve fun activities and character-building experiences for our service users, whilst simultaneously providing respite to parents/carers.