Our beautiful daughter Scarlett was left with permanent and life altering injuries following a stormy birth and post natal period. She had been fighting for her life from the minute she was born and we were warned that she may have suffered a brain injury.  She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and hyper mobility at around 7 months old, she also started having seizures before her 2nd Birthday.

Our speech therapist at the time had mentioned a service at Rainbow House called Conductive therapy. We have never heard of it and already had so many appointments each day with Scarlett that we worried that another one might be too much. However, we met Jules and she was so warm and lovely that we felt encouraged and there was no pressure but getting Scarlett in Conductive as early as possible could really help rehabilitate and push her potential for mobility and learning.

Scarlett’s been attending for a good few years now and it’s by far had the biggest impact of any therapy on our amazing daughter, when she first came she couldn’t even sit up without specialist seating and now she’s taking steps, moving and playing with her sister and cousins and her speech is unbelievable!

Rainbow house and the staff are like friends and family, it’s the most special place to spend time and the support is invaluable. We wouldn’t have the daughter we have now if it wasn’t for everyone there. They have changed my family’s lives and we are eternally grateful.

The Price family

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