Megan Atkins from Moss Bank, St Helens went sky diving on 16th September with Gemma Bennett from Leyland and, together, they raised over £1,100 for Rainbow House, Mawdesley.


Megan, 23, has a cousin, Jessica Atkins, who attends conductive education at Rainbow House and was persuaded by her Uncle Chris Atkins, Jessica’s father, to take on the challenge.
She said, “It was an amazing experience and doing it for such a good cause makes it even better”

Jessica Atkins sustained a significant brain injury at birth and as a result was left with Severe Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. After an MRI scan at 10 days old showed significant damage to all 3 cores of the brain, the family were told that Jessica would never see, hear, walk or talk and would likely be in a “vegetative state” but they were determined to do everything they could to help Jessica develop in her own way.

Chris said, “When she was two she started attending Rainbow House for conductive education.  Conductive Education is a holistic therapy that teaches the brain to reroute so children and adults can learn to do everyday tasks in their own way.

Rainbow house is a truly amazing charity. Jessica has learnt to control her head, weight bear through her legs and is working towards independent sitting all of which we were told was unattainable but Rainbow House believed in her. She has to work really hard but the results make it worthwhile.  And Rainbow House isn’t just for Jessica, they support our whole family and are always there for advice and support when things get a little overwhelming!!”

Anyone who would like to support Megan can still donate at:


Gemma Bennett from Elswick Road, Leyland also went sky diving on 16th September with Megan Atkins.  Gemma, 31, said, “I have two healthy and active children which I am very thankful for but this is not the case for all families. Rainbow house is such a fabulous charity which helps children with disabilities to reach their potential and to live more independently. I decided to help them by jumping out of a plane at 11,000 ft.”

She continued, “What an amazing experience doing the skydive was and knowing that I was doing it for such an amazing local charity made it an even better experience. I feel very honoured that I could do something to help other families.”

Gemma is married to Martin who ran the Edinburgh Marathon as a Rubik Cube earlier this year.

Carole Cochrane, Chief Executive, Rainbow House, said “It is fantastic that Megan & Gemma are raising funds for us. Rainbow House provides a unique service for the rehabilitation of children and young people with neurological conditions through conductive education and physiotherapy. As we have no statutory funding and have to raise all of our own funds, every penny counts.”

Anyone who would like to support Gemma can still donate at:



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