Martin Bennett from Radcliffe Drive, Leyland has successfully completed the London Marathon on

28th April and raised over £500 for Rainbow House, Mawdesley. 

The 35 year old completed the 26.2 miles in 4 hours, 23 minutes and 30 seconds.  He ran his first

marathon in 2013 when Rainbow House gave him the opportunity and then completed the

Edinburgh Marathon in 2017 dressed as a Rubik Cube.  This year he gained his place through the

ballot but still decided to raise funds for Rainbow House.

Martin, who is married with 2 daughters, is a Transport Manager for Encon Insulation, Chorley.

He ran a lot as a child and was a member of Chorley Harriers for over 10 years and then, at 18, began

 playing football and cricket. He did not run again until he started training for the London Marathon

 in 2013 and also competed in his first  tri-Athlon in 2016. After the Marathon Martin said he felt

like a Dalek. Walking was fine but stairs were his nemesis but he didn’t have much time to

 recover as the day after the marathon he had promised to take his kids to the Natural

History Museum so spent the day walking round there!  But he has now almost recovered

and was about to try a 3 mile run for fun!

Martin said ““Rainbow House is a local charity that captured my interest a few years ago because of

their unique approach to helping children with disabilities. Ultimately, Rainbow House helps children

with complex needs to lead more active and independent lives; and it helps them to achieve their

potential. The charity gave me the opportunity in 2013 to run the London Marathon, something

which I will be forever grateful. I am delighted to have been able to support them again by pushing

myself to rise to the challenge, as the children do at Rainbow House daily.”

Lyndsay Fahey, Head of Strategic Development and Finance, Rainbow House, said “It is fantastic

that Martin decided to use his personal challenge to raise funds for us. Rainbow House provides a

unique service for the rehabilitation of children and young people with disabilities. As we have no

statutory funding and have to raise all of our own funds, every penny counts. We really appreciate

his support.”

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