(Written by Jonathan himself)

“If Tesco sold bottles of Conductive Education I would be having them as part of my weekly shop as it provides a lifeline for anybody that has a physical or learning disability. Why? I will tell you why. My experiences of Conductive Education at Rainbow House has taught me and others like me, how to use our bodies and minds to overcome and conquer certain fears and challenges that have been previously, huge barriers to us living our lives. For example, when I started conductive education, my body felt useless, my confidence was at rock bottom and my mind was plagued with negative thoughts on how I could live my life independently. Conductive Education has helped me control my body in times of stress and has boosted my life skills as well as my confidence in myself and in my abilities to overcome the negative thoughts created by how some people in this world see me. In my view, it is the most common sense, therapeutic approach that I have come across. I believe because of the hard work and training the team at Rainbow House have done with me over the years, my life has changed so much for the better as I am able to achieve so much more than I or others previously thought was possible. Without Rainbow House’s support I would not have the skills or the confidence to live independently.”


Written by Jonathon now aged 30 years old. Jonathan has Cerebral Palsy and attends Rainbow House. He has found that our services have had a huge impact on his life and independence. Jonathon wrote the statement above for a speech he was doing about Rainbow House, we found it to be a lovely piece of writing and a great testimonial that we would like to share with others.

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