Jen attends our adult learners’ group twice a week.  She first began attending Rainbow House three years ago in November 2014.  She is 28 years old and has Cerebral Palsy.  This means that Jen finds it extremely difficult to control her movements – especially in her head, arms and hands.  She is also unable to speak and communicates through eye-contact, gestures such as pointing, signing and using an ipad (which she navigates using her feet!).


Jen always brings 100% effort to her sessions.  She is focussed and hard-working and extremely motivated to improve her skills.  So much so that she always leaves her sessions exhausted! Jen told us that her personal aim was that she wished to improve her walking skills.

It has taken a LOT of hard work but during the past term she has made fantastic progress.  She has learnt to walk the length of our classroom with her walking frame with almost no support and has begun taking a couple of steps independently in the past few weeks.  Last week Jen stood for 36 seconds independently – a new personal best! We are all so proud of her and most importantly she is incredibly proud of herself and relishes in the new skills she is developing.



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