(Written by her Mum)

Hannah has an immense zest for life and radiates fun (and, often chaos!) wherever she goes. She’s extremely precious too!
However, since her birth, life has been extremely challenging for her – and for us as a family – because Hannah has a rare genetic condition called Cornelia de Lange Syndrome which has serious physical, neurological and developmental implications and it affects most aspects of her life.

You can read much more about Hannah’s journey so far, here: https://mykidlovesbroccoli.wordpress.com/hannahs-journey/

In 2011, Hannah commenced her Conductive Education sessions at Rainbow House and at the time she could only drag herself across the floor to get around. As her mummy, this was heartbreaking to watch, especially as other children of her age were reaching or surpassing their own milestones…and Hannah hadn’t reached any of hers.
However, now, she can sit independently, hold a crayon, play with a toy and many other things – albeit with some support – but, Hannah continues to work hard in her sessions and I’m committed to helping her reach her full potential.
We, and many other families like us, would be lost without the services of Rainbow House. It’s an extremely special place.

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