(Written by his Mum)

My son Alex suffered oxygen starvation at birth and so started his journey in neo-natal intensive care where he spent 3 ½ weeks. It was a week before I could give him a cuddle. The lack of oxygen caused brain damage and so he has quadriplegic cerebral palsy. He has been fed through a tube since he was born and also has severe epilepsy for which he has had frequent trips to hospital. He also has life threatening problems with his intestines which are tangled and in the wrong place, and so has had two lots of emergency surgery to try and correct them with long stays in hospital.
But despite all of this, he is a little fighter and is doing incredibly well. We found Rainbow House when Alex was 2 years old. What he has achieved in the time he has attended is a miracle. From being able to do absolutely nothing, he can now proudly hold his head up high and sit for seconds independently, all thanks to Conductive Education.
Watching him take steps with help and seeing how tall he stands brings tears to my eyes. Now the future is positive as he is achieving new things every day. And I never dreamt that I would be able to say I’ve played football with my son.

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