The need for our services

At Rainbow House we understand the complexities facing people with disabilities, and their families, extend far beyond the immediate physical and mental impairments of the individual.

In addition to a wide range of developmental difficulties; problems with movement and posture, perceptual problems affecting co-ordination, and difficulties with learning, speaking and understanding the world around them; a disabled person is likely to develop secondary medical conditions and health issues; limitations in their speech, language and communication, and dependency on carers. Such issues can limit opportunities for participation and social integration leading to limitations in the development of personality, emotional well-being and the life-skills required to maximize independence.

We recognise that caring for a disabled person can have profound effects on the entire family unit; physical and emotional demands, time and financial costs and so on. For parents and carers, having a disabled person may increase stress, take a toll on mental and physical health, make it difficult to find appropriate and affordable child care, affect relationships, decisions about work, education and training and having additional children etc.

Here at Rainbow House, the purpose of our work is to fill a gap in provision and challenge all of these issues in order to help service users progress in every area of learning and reach a higher level of independence, whilst also helping the families with advice, support and guidance.