Fraser Cash, 19, from Great Sankey, Warrington is the first to win the
Will Moreland Cup for outstanding achievement. Fraser has
Athetoid cerebral palsy which means that he is challenged by over
movements throughout his entire body. He has been attending
conductive education at Rainbow House, Mawdesley since 2003 which has
helped him grow into a strong, independent and motivated young man.
Fraser does not consider that he is unable to do things but merely sees
that he needs to work out a way to be able to. He set his mind on being
able to transfer independently to enable him to be home alone safely.
He spent many weeks working the team at Rainbow House on this skill
and can now reliably move from his wheelchair to another chair.
He has been an inspiration to all who work with him with his positive
attitude and achievements which serve as an example to young children
struggling with the challenges of cerebral palsy and is a worthy recipient
of the Cup which has been donated by Bill Ainscough from Wrightington will
be an annual award in memory of Will Moreland, together with a £1000
donation to Rainbow House to assist with their work.

Will Moreland was born with his heart the wrong way round
which required a heart transplant at the age of 16. His transplanted heart
ultimately failed and he died at the age of 26 a short while ago. Will
also suffered from mild Asperger syndrome, a consequence of his condition.

Bill Ainscough said, “Throughout his life, despite the constant requirement for
medication and monitoring, Will was positive and cheerful and pursued many
interests. All who met him, including me, were impressed by his unfailing
happiness in life and warmth towards others. Right up to the very end of his
life he was indeed an inspiration to those much better off than himself.”

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