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At Rainbow House we understand people with disabilities.

Here at Rainbow House, the purpose of our work is to fill a gap in provision and challenge all of these issues in order to help service users progress in every area of learning and reach a higher level of independence, whilst also helping the families with advice, support and guidance.

The People
We Help

The People We Help

Success Stories: Jessica’s Story
(Written by her Mum) Jessica sustained a significant brain injury during birth. The days after her birth were full of bad news, lists of things our daughter would never be able to do. Our ...
Success Stories: Jonathan’s Story
(Written by Jonathan himself) “If Tesco sold bottles of Conductive Education I would be having them as part of my weekly shop as it provides a lifeline for anybody that has a physical or ...


Latest News

Leyland’s Macy completes her swimming challenge to raise funds for Rainbow House
Macy Smith from Leyland has raised over £450 for Rainbow House, the Mawdesley based charity supporting children and young people with physical and neurological disabilities.
Leyland Trucks raise £2,000 for Rainbow House
A group of employees from Leyland Trucks completed “Born Survivor” and raised £2000 for Rainbow House. The “Born Survivor” event is a fast and furious 10km of military training inspired mi ...
Ladies attending the Rainbow House Royal Ascot Ladies Day raise over £26,000
Ladies in all their finery attending the Rainbow House Royal Ascot Ladies Day supported by Unique Ladies Network and Windoworld on 21st June 2018 in the Invincibles Lounge at Preston ...